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Why Lyrical?

Blog 2, Vol. 1, November 15, 2022

I was recently asked, why name your web store Well, LyricalPub is short for Lyrical Music Publications, which is the official name of my music publishing business. Why Lyrical? Why not use my own name, Lamade, for example? First, I wanted to give my publishing business a name that reflected the kind of products I wanted to sell, a name that might mean more to saxophone players than who I am.

The name Lyrical brings to mind music with a melody, music that you might hum, music that resonates with your feelings and emotions, something you'll remember. Close your eyes for a moment and think of music you enjoy listening to. That's the kind of music I want to make available.

A terrifically talented musician once told me that all concerts should include a mix of music which will have the audience humming a tune you just played. But because people have different tastes, you need to offer different music.

Well, if you want different music, music people will enjoy, has it. For example, close your eyes, think of yourself out for a walk on a sunny day. What do you hear? Narcissus, by Nevin, is a piece of music I offer that is just that kind of a light, happy piece. Another tune you could here is Serenade Badine, by Marie, a piece that's full of light staccato, very melodic.

Then there's music performed, written, or arranged by Rudy Wiedoeft. Rudy Wiedoeft was, perhaps, the most popular musician in the world, and the music he played inspired a whole generation of saxophone players. The most popular piece of music ever written for the saxophone is Saxophobia, by Wiedoeft. In conjunction with another great saxophonist, Ted Hegvik, we offer 20 of Wiedoeft's most popular hits in the series "Rudy he performed it!" with a copy of the record label. Wiedoeft made over 400 recordings during his career which can be thought of in three styles: Ragtime, Novelty, and Transcriptions. Ragtime pieces include original compositions such as Valse Marilyn, Valse Erica, or the lovely Valse Sonia. His transcription pieces included music by Wiedoeft or other famous composers such as the hauntingly beautiful Dans L'Orient by Wiedoeft and Savino, Melody by Gen. Charles Dawes. Of course Wiedoeft's novelty pieces included Saxophobia.

However, perhaps the most important part of the Wiedoeft series is that the arrangements have all been made by listening to the original recordings and adding the nuances that didn't appear in the original sheet music. This helps make our music so much more authentic to Wiedoeft's actual performances, and adds a level of depth that simply doesn't appear in other publications. Only Lyrical Publications has the "as he performed it!" series.

I can promise you this, if you are planning a recital, a concert solo, or even to provide music for your house of worship, you will find music here that I promise your listeners will enjoy. New music is being added on a regular basis.

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