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Free Shipping? Read and Save!

Blog 5 May 2023

Lyrical Music Publications ( is growing! Between the music offered for Eb Alto (and Baritone) Saxophone, Bb Tenor (and Soprano) Saxophone, C - Melody Saxophone and limited Bb clarinet selections we offer lesson books for the Saxophone.

As of today, we've added more music, even one piece for the F Mezzo Soprano Saxophone, somebody tell me where you can buy F Mezzo music, other than!

Perhaps as useful as the many pieces of sheet music (as of today just over 110 titles),

we offer Kalman Opperman's legendary book on how to make reeds. This book has been helping people understand and shape reeds for several decades. For all serious musicians, I strongly recommend this book. Caring for your reeds may be just as important as practicing your scales, or long tones.

But back to Lyrical Publications' website, we happy to let you know that we've lowered shipping rates all across the US market. Instead of just shipping with Priority Mail, we now offer USPS Media Mail. This lowers the shipping costs by 66%, it's almost like buy one and get one free. Here's a special offer just for everyone who reads this blog -- Buy 3 pieces of sheet music (or more!) and get free shipping. This offer is just for the month of June 2023 and you need to reference "Blog 5 - Free Shipping"

Have you played Jules Demersseman's Fantaisie? If you haven't what are you waiting for? This is one of the great works for the saxophone. Jules Demersseman was a great French flautist and composer who composed an amazing amount of wonderful music in his very short life. Adolphe Sax had approached Demersseman and asked him to compose a piece for the Eb Alto Saxophone. And what a piece it is. Today, it is just as fresh and compelling as it was the day it was written. But is this fair? What if you play the Bb Tenor or the C-Melody to our knowledge this piece has never been arranged for Bb Tenor or C-Melody and Piano.

Until now! As of today, you are welcome to order the Demersseman Fantaisie for Eb Alto, Bb Tenor, or C-Melody saxophone. This is only available from Lyrical Music Publications, and each copy will be accompanied by a performance CD played by the late saxophone maestro Ted Hegvik on Eb Alto.

Lastly, a note to all our friends who love the C-Melody Saxophone. Our collection of the 21 greatest compositions and arrangements by Rudy Wiedoeft are all now available for C-Melody and Piano. is your source for new, quality, editions of music!

Thanks so much and get out there and play!

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