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Museum of Saxophones, The Catalog

Blog 3, Vol. 1, November 30, 2022

Blogs are supposed to be interesting articles that can be sales tools, or educational, or just to express the opinion of the writer. My first two blogs were all about my web store, in which I aimed to tell people about the products I offer and why.

Well, as my German friends might say, "Genug ist Genug!" (Enough is enough!) so today, I want to use this forum to mention something equally different and yet informative.

Several of you know already that I am fortunate to be friends with Attilio Berni the owner and director of the Museo del Saxofono, just outside Rome, in Italy. I am fortunate to have been able to visit the Museum of Saxophones just before Covid-19 befell us, and I can tell you that wandering through the cabinets displaying saxophones belonging to legendary musicians such as Ross Gorman, Rudy Wiedoeft, and others. To just looking at everything from the smallest sopranissimo to the subcontrabass made by Stainer in Brazil which is a stunning 10 feet in height!

Today, I saw on Steve Goodson's "Saxophones and Saxophone Equipment for Sale" FB site that Attilio Berni has produced and is offering a catalog of the saxophones in the Museum of Saxophone. But, to say catalog doesn't do justice to the book or the museum. The museum's collection contains over 600 saxophones from early examples made by Adolphe Sax's own company to legendary saxophones and those that are exceptionally rare and beautiful; both American and European. But, more importantly, these have histories written by Mr. Berni which are incredibly well researched.

This book, written in Italian and English, with over 300 color photographs, is a must have for any serious saxophonist, and belongs in every collegiate saxophone studio. For a book that provides a tour of the greatest saxophone collection in the world, but which is beautifully illustrated, and contains a wealth of information the price of approximately $100.00 plus shipping & handling it is very reasonably priced.

It is my hope to offer Attilio Berni's book, at some point in the future on this website, which will greatly reduce the shipping costs throughout the US market. In the meantime I can send an order form to you, just let me know.

What a Christmas, birthday, or any holiday gift!

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