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Note-able Saxophone Music

October 15, 2022

Hello! What are you looking for? Why have you come to Are these existential questions? Well, probably not really. Think of it this way, if I owned a brick and mortar music store after greeting you, I’d want to offer you my help selecting sheet music, books, or any of the saxophone and clarinet products we have to offer.

You might ask, what kind of music do we offer here? As of today, most of our music is for the saxophone, eventually there will be more clarinet music added. But, unlike all other stores, we are the only store to offer music for the C-Melody or C-Tenor saxophone. But of course all of our music is also available for Eb Alto/Baritone, or Bb Tenor/Soprano saxophones.

We publish and sell music primarily for soloists, for your recitals, to play in houses of worship, for just plain fun to master and enjoy.

After going to a concert, do you ever find yourself humming a melodic line from one of the pieces, or thinking how you'd like to hear something again, because you really enjoyed the melody presented. My dear friend Ted Hegvik was a master musician and teacher, he created new editions of the most significant music that was performed by Rudy Wiedoeft. Soon, I’ll write a blog just on Rudy Wiedoeft. But, this is the only web store where you’ll find new editions of Wiedoeft’s music, all based on his recordings all arranged by Ted Hegvik, with my help.

But, there’s so much more music here, music that simply isn’t offered anywhere else. Only here you’ll find music by Saint-Saens, Nevin, Rosen, and even Bach, plus so many more! Michael Rosen is an outstanding modern composer and saxophonist. He is an American living in Europe and has composed two very modern pieces for the saxophone. On the other hand, you can find what many agree is the first great concert work written for the saxophone here -- Fantaisie by Jules Demersseman.

I can promise you this, if you are planning a recital, a concert solo, or even to provide music for your house of worship, you will find music here that I promise your listeners will enjoy. New music is being added on a regular basis.

So, there you are, welcome to! How can we help you?

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